Object of the General Conditions

The first general conditions established, together with the rest of the terms and conditions, the
legal framework that regulates the use of the website www.ALHAMBRAYGENERALIFE.ORG, of which
GrupoXplorer.com Viajes owns, as well as the services provided by Alhambraygeneralife.org to
through it. For all questions relating to the management of personal data of the
user, please, visit our PRIVACY POLICY.

Guided tours alhambraygeneralife.org and the user

The user declares that he has the necessary legal capacity to act and contract on the Web of
according to the conditions below broken down, which declares to understand and accept. He
user is responsible for providing their data correctly in the purchase processes
established on the website of www.alhambraygeneralife.org, paying special attention to the introduction of banking and personal data.
GrupoXplorer.com trips (Francisco Campos Rubio 75564812Z), in accordance with its POLICY OF
PRIVACY the information that your personal data that you have provided voluntarily,
true son and they will be incorporated into the RESERVATIONS CENTRAL file. The purpose of this is
manage the services or products that we provide or demand from us through the website. Their
personal data not sent to any type of organization, neither public nor private, except for
that for reasons of legal obligations and for the provision of contracted services, even if
to do it.
Those affected can not help the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in front of the File Manager at our address
Calle El Guerra Nº6 Granada 18014. / Email: info@grupoxplorer.com.
If you receive an authorization by e-mail, in the corresponding option, GrupoXplorer.com trips AND www.alhambraygeneralife.org undertakes NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, in accordance with Law 34/2002
of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. It is not considered as commercial communication all the information that is entered to the user of the portal www.alhambraygeneralife.org. It is always intended to maintain the existing contractual relationship between the client and www.alhambraygeneralife.org, as well as the performance of the tasks. of information, training and other activities of the service that the client has
hired with the company. GrupoXplorer.com viajes, undertakes through this means NOT TO MAKE DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. For these purposes, therefore, the misleading advertising is not considered as
formal or numerical errors that can be found throughout the content of the different
Web sections of www.alhambraygeneralife.org, as a consequence of incomplete or defective maintenance and / or updating of the information contained in these sections. www.alhambraygeneralife.org, as a consequence of the provisions of this section, undertakes to correct it as soon as it becomes aware of such errors.


Children under 16 are prohibited from accessing this website. In the case of contracting by
minors, GrupoXplorer.com trips is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the
updated by the user and therefore can not verify with absolute certainty the age of
For this reason, you can not have any responsibility for people who fail to comply with the
regulations, are minors or have been previously expelled from the Web. alhambraygeneralife.org
You can contact the user at any time so that this is your real age by photocopy of the DNI or equivalent. Failure to respond within the deadline may result in the blocking or cancellation of the profile or possible purchase made. If we know that a child under 14 has a specific profile to block or eliminate it.

Applicable legislation and modification of the general conditions

The present General Conditions have been elaborated with precision in the established in the
Law 34/2002, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, Law 7/1998
on General Contracting Conditions, Royal Decree 1906/1999 which regulates the
telephone or electronic contracting with general conditions in development of article 5.3 of the
Law 7/1998, General Law 26/1984 for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the Law
7/1996 of Retail Trade Regulation, and how many legal provisions resulting from the application.
alhambraygeneralife.org can modify these General Conditions, by publishing such modifications in the portal in the version published by alhambraygeneralife.org at the same time that the user accesses the Web.
If any clause included in these general conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only that provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, the general conditions remaining in everything else, having said disposition, or the part of it that was affected, by not putting.

Conditions and use of the service

The service of ticket sales and guided tours is expensive, with the user
All the information regarding the price of each ticket at all times on the Web. Service
Information offered through the Web is free. Once the ticket has been purchased, no
will change or refund the amount, except for causes provided by current legislation. The
entry should be kept in a dry place, away from heat, without any contact with plastics or
magnetic fields.

Ticket purchase system

The user can have the following options for purchase tickets through the Central
of Reservations of Alhambraygeneralife.org:
  • Internet
  • Smartphone
  • Ticket sales by phone


The Central Reservation of AlhambrayGeneralife is ready to be viewed and operated on mobile devices, sending the user an email with the details of the purchase made, the locator or reference of the town and an attached file with the tickets purchased for printing. It will be the user's responsibility for its proper use and purpose, leaving GrupoXplorer.com and AlhambrayGeneralife.org free of all responsibility for the loss of mail or misuse or loss of files sent to the user.

Payment Methods

Purchases made over the Internet

GrupoXplorer.com viajes // AlhambrayGeneralife.org accepts the following credit cards: Visa,
Mastercard and JCB, regardless of the entity and the modality (credit / debit). The ticketing system uses secure servers of the BBVA REDSYS payment system and the latest encryption technology. If the user wishes to know more details about the REDSYS security policy, click here. The Reservation Center of GrupoXplorer.com trips // AlhambrayGeneralife.org does not accept payments with virtual cards, since for the cases of collection of tickets the presentation of the card used in the purchase is required, as well as a document
proof of ownership of the same (ID or passport).
Purchases made at the box office and in displaced points of sale (in the case of having them). The form of payment at these points of sale will be in cash.

Returns and right of withdrawal

The refund of the amount of previously purchased tickets is not allowed. The impossibility of
attend an event or show, guided tour etc. or the commission of an error in carrying out the acquisition of the ticket (s) are not grounds for its return. The user can not
exercise the right of withdrawal or resolution, in accordance with current regulations on consumer affairs and the management of retail trade. GrupoXplorer.com trips can only proceed to the cancellation of the tickets and, therefore, to the return of their sales amount when they receive an express order from the promoter or organizer of the event and / or commercialized show in the event of cancellation, change of dates or force majeure.
GrupoXplorer.com trips // AlhambrayGeneralife.org, before any change that occurs in a
event or show, commits to:
• Publish it on your website as soon as you have knowledge of it, in order to keep duly informed to
the users.
• Send a message to the email address indicated by the user at the time of purchase informing about the change.
• In the event that the Promoter decides to refund the amount, GrupoXplorer.com and alhambrayGeneralife.org will inform the user about the procedure adopted by the promoter or organizer for this purpose.

Returns for change or cancellation

In case of cancellation of a show, the return may be made within a period of fifteen days from the date of the public communication of the suspension of the show. After this period, no refund will be accepted. The refund of the amount of the tickets will be automatically executed to the credit card from which the purchase was made within a period of approximately 3 to 15 business days. To verify the payment, the user must consult the bank card statement (debit or credit) used for the purchase.
The return of tickets purchased at the Box Office or physical points such as travel agencies and hotels must be made at this point of sale.